Do you have javascript disabled?

By crisp on Thursday 28 October 2010 01:55 - Comments (18)
Categories: Internet, Javascript,, Views: 23.098

Every time you create a new hot DHTML AJAX Web2.0 HTML5 feature that at least involves a certain amount of javascript the same question arises: how do you build this feature with accessibility in mind? Is it a very important feature and should you cater to the lowest denominator and build using progressive enhancement, or can you use graceful degradation and/or supply a lower-level alternative, or is it just a gimmick and is it ok to ignore part of your audience?

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DHTML Lemmings primer

By crisp on Sunday 30 May 2010 01:39 - Comments (10)
Categories: Javascript, Webdevelopment, Views: 36.105

It's been 7 years since I wrote DHTML Lemmings™. In internet-terms that's a lifetime; back in those days Firefox didn't exist yet (Mozilla Phoenix was on version 0.8 or something and IE6 was the dominant browser), we didn't have HTML5 or javascript libraries and web standards was just a grass roots movement. It was hard to make dynamic cross-browser things back then, yet I managed to create something that still works in browsers today.

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Heads or Tails?

By crisp on Monday 17 May 2010 01:49 - Comments (14)
Categories: Browsers, Javascript, Webdevelopment, Views: 14.704

Clientside Performance Guru Steve Souders recently created a test to see if browsers implicitly create a <head>-element for all HTML documents. I pointed out in the comments that there might be more in play than just the fact that some browsers don't follow the specifications (notably mobile browsers) to the letter with regards to DOM-tree building.

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Having fun with IE part 5 - what item?

By crisp on Tuesday 17 November 2009 01:13 - Comments (3)
Categories: Browsers, Javascript, Views: 6.082

Some more IE-weirdness.

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A new javascript minifier: JSMin+

By crisp on Friday 10 April 2009 01:37 - Comments (30)
Categories: JSMin+, Javascript, PHP,, Views: 48.373

For some time we have been looking for ways to minify the javascript and CSS files for but were unable to find the right tool for this. If finding the right tool takes too much time there is only one other option: create your own tool, which is exactly what we did. Even better: we are releasing this tool to the public so you can use it too!

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