Lazy-loading print stylesheets - part II

By crisp on Friday 22 April 2011 03:25 - Comments (5)
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Even though some browsers now defer downloading print stylesheets I thought this still wasn't enough. I was more thinking in line of: why not download the print stylesheet *only* when the user has actually requested a print-out?

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Code Groen! nl

Door crisp op woensdag 16 maart 2011 01:34 - Reacties (12)
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"Werkt uw website naar behoren in Internet Explorer 9?" dat was het onderwerp van de mail die ik vandaag mocht ontvangen met betrekking tot onze site

"De afgelopen weken hebben wij de meest populaire websites van Nederland gecontroleerd op webstandaarden zoals die ook door Internet Explorer 9 ondersteund worden. Uw website hoort hier ook bij. Hieronder ziet u onze bevindingen. We hanteren drie gradaties: Groen, Oranje en Rood."

En hoe ziet dat er uit?

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Internet Explorer 9 is the best HTML5 browser!

By crisp on Tuesday 2 November 2010 22:54 - Comments (26)
Categories: Browsers,, Views: 22.759

Yes, really, look for yourself! It's the official result of the W3C HTML5 Test Suite!

Of course, we at already knew that. We have even dedicated a special page to Internet Explorer 9 and all its goodness and have 'optimized' some of our very own site-features for IE9 (see the two demo's at the bottom of the showcase page). And now even W3C declares IE9 (latest platform preview version) the most HTML5 compliant browser available at this date!

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IE9 Pinned Sites; a lot of cruft in your <head>

By crisp on Wednesday 22 September 2010 00:14 - Comments (18)
Categories: Browsers,, Views: 21.250

While Microsoft is generally going into the right direction with version 9 of Internet Explorer when it comes to standards compliance they couldn't resist to built-in some new proprietary features. One of those is the so-called 'Pinned Sites' feature which makes it possible to 'pin' websites to the taskbar in Windows 7 making them part of the desktop as if they were applications.

Even though this is actually a nice feature if you happen to use Windows 7, the actual implementation does have some flaws.

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Heads or Tails?

By crisp on Monday 17 May 2010 01:49 - Comments (14)
Categories: Browsers, Javascript, Webdevelopment, Views: 14.703

Clientside Performance Guru Steve Souders recently created a test to see if browsers implicitly create a <head>-element for all HTML documents. I pointed out in the comments that there might be more in play than just the fact that some browsers don't follow the specifications (notably mobile browsers) to the letter with regards to DOM-tree building.

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