About the cube again

By crisp on maandag 28 mei 2012 01:46 - Comments (15)
Categories: CSS, Tweakers.net, Views: 20.053

You may have noticed that my weblog design is not exactly 'state of the art', and to be honest: I do not intend it to be that way. I just want it to be 'outstanding', and using 'lime' as a background-color achieves just that :P

There is however one gimmick that does make my tweakblog stand out: it's the '3D cube' in my header that's just pure CSS (and as a developer of tweakers.net I made an exception in the tweakblogs code to get it there ;)).

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Lazy-loading print stylesheets - part II

By crisp on vrijdag 22 april 2011 03:25 - Comments (5)
Categories: Browsers, Tweakers.net, Views: 16.294

Even though some browsers now defer downloading print stylesheets I thought this still wasn't enough. I was more thinking in line of: why not download the print stylesheet *only* when the user has actually requested a print-out?

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Code Groen! nl

Door crisp op woensdag 16 maart 2011 01:34 - Reacties (12)
Categorie├źn: Browsers, Tweakers.net, Views: 17.233

"Werkt uw website naar behoren in Internet Explorer 9?" dat was het onderwerp van de mail die ik vandaag mocht ontvangen met betrekking tot onze site http://tweakers.net.

"De afgelopen weken hebben wij de meest populaire websites van Nederland gecontroleerd op webstandaarden zoals die ook door Internet Explorer 9 ondersteund worden. Uw website hoort hier ook bij. Hieronder ziet u onze bevindingen. We hanteren drie gradaties: Groen, Oranje en Rood."

En hoe ziet dat er uit?

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Lazy-loading print stylesheets

By crisp on dinsdag 30 november 2010 00:33 - Comments (13)
Categories: CSS, Tweakers.net, Views: 16.714

The thought crossed my mind before, but I never acted on it: lazy-load your print stylesheets! So now I took the bull by its horns and implemented it for Tweakers.net.

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A moment of reflection

By crisp on donderdag 4 november 2010 23:26 - Comments (25)
Category: HTML5, Views: 11.053

My editor just crashed with some unsaved data, 15 minutes of coding gone. Now it's time to stop cursing, take a deep breath and use a moment to reflect.

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