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About the cube again

By crisp on maandag 28 mei 2012 01:46 - Comments (15)
Categories: CSS,, Views: 20.052

You may have noticed that my weblog design is not exactly 'state of the art', and to be honest: I do not intend it to be that way. I just want it to be 'outstanding', and using 'lime' as a background-color achieves just that :P

There is however one gimmick that does make my tweakblog stand out: it's the '3D cube' in my header that's just pure CSS (and as a developer of I made an exception in the tweakblogs code to get it there ;)).

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JSMin+ version 1.4

By crisp on zondag 24 juli 2011 00:12 - Comments (21)
Category: JSMin+, Views: 53.941

Version 1.4 of JSMin+ is available for download. Because we are still actively using JSMin+ at we did make some minor improvements since I released version 1.3 for the public now more than 2 years ago, but I never felt those improvements warranted a new public version. Until now.

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Lazy-loading print stylesheets - part II

By crisp on vrijdag 22 april 2011 03:25 - Comments (5)
Categories: Browsers,, Views: 16.293

Even though some browsers now defer downloading print stylesheets I thought this still wasn't enough. I was more thinking in line of: why not download the print stylesheet *only* when the user has actually requested a print-out?

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Code Groen! nl

Door crisp op woensdag 16 maart 2011 01:34 - Reacties (12)
Categorie├źn: Browsers,, Views: 17.231

"Werkt uw website naar behoren in Internet Explorer 9?" dat was het onderwerp van de mail die ik vandaag mocht ontvangen met betrekking tot onze site

"De afgelopen weken hebben wij de meest populaire websites van Nederland gecontroleerd op webstandaarden zoals die ook door Internet Explorer 9 ondersteund worden. Uw website hoort hier ook bij. Hieronder ziet u onze bevindingen. We hanteren drie gradaties: Groen, Oranje en Rood."

En hoe ziet dat er uit?

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Lazy-loading print stylesheets

By crisp on dinsdag 30 november 2010 00:33 - Comments (13)
Categories: CSS,, Views: 16.713

The thought crossed my mind before, but I never acted on it: lazy-load your print stylesheets! So now I took the bull by its horns and implemented it for

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