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IPv6 validation (and caveats)

By crisp on vrijdag 12 juni 2009 01:23 - Comments (23)
Categories: Internet, PHP, Tweakers.net, Views: 34.241

Recently we got a request to also match IPv6 addresses as a host-part for our auto-links. Basically this seemed pretty straight-forward, but it proved that actually validating an IPv6 address is quite difficult.

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IE8's standards compatibility promise

By crisp on maandag 22 december 2008 01:45 - Comments (11)
Categories: Browsers, Internet, Views: 10.537

Some time ago Microsoft made a 180 turn on their decision to make IE7 rendering mode the default for IE8. This seemed to be a commitment to standards compliance which gained them renewed trust from a lot of parties. But now that IE8's appearance is near, how do they keep up to that promise?

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AdBlock sucks!

By crisp on donderdag 6 november 2008 00:30 - Comments (47)
Category: Internet, Views: 20.889

Not only does it deprive legitimate businesses from their primary source of income, it also puts a burden on development teams because of the number of false bug reports when some user was blocking a little too much.

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The versioning switch's default is incorrect

By crisp on vrijdag 22 februari 2008 01:53 - Comments (2)
Categories: Browsers, Internet, Views: 11.165

In fact, the whole versioning switch idea is bad to begin with. If you still don't understand why after my previous blog-entries and after having read for instance Jeremy Keith's reasoning on AListApart (and failed to see the flaws in Jeffrey Zeldman's entry) here's a break-down of the arguments against the versioning switch and against the proposed default (== IE7 mode):

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Using the HTML5 doctype prematurely "considered harmful"

By crisp on zondag 27 januari 2008 16:13 - Comments (3)
Categories: Browsers, HTML5, Internet, Views: 17.210

There has been a lot of fuss around Microsoft's ludicrous idea of freezing IE into IE7's quirksmode rendering for the (un)foreseeable future unless you specify some proprietary meta-tag in all your documents. There was however a tiny shimmer of good faith in this huge anti-competitive move when Chris Wilson, MSIE's productmanager, offered that this lock-in might not affect documents using some new doctype or mimetype that is currently unsupported by IE.

By the way, the "considered harmful" in the title is intentional even though it has been abused as a populistic phrase throughout the years: it seems fitting since no one less than Eric Meyer once wrote an essay on the subject of why "considered harmful" can be considered harmful by itself ;)

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