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Do you have javascript disabled?

By crisp on donderdag 28 oktober 2010 01:55 - Comments (18)
Categories: Internet, Javascript, Tweakers.net, Views: 23.704

Every time you create a new hot DHTML AJAX Web2.0 HTML5 feature that at least involves a certain amount of javascript the same question arises: how do you build this feature with accessibility in mind? Is it a very important feature and should you cater to the lowest denominator and build using progressive enhancement, or can you use graceful degradation and/or supply a lower-level alternative, or is it just a gimmick and is it ok to ignore part of your audience?

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Are you watching the banners? At least the banners are watching you!

By crisp on donderdag 2 september 2010 01:05 - Comments (19)
Categories: Internet, Tweakers.net, Views: 11.403

When was the last time you looked at a banner? Provided you don't already use a banner blocker, and I don't mean just noticed that there was a banner (some flashing moving thing on top of the page or on the side, or maybe even covering the content you were just about to start reading and making you race for the close button), but really looked at it? Maybe even clicked it? And if you did, do you look at banners all the time? Well, don't worry if you don't; at least banners know when you are not looking, and they're telling it to the advertisers.

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The internet anno 2010: all about the money?

By crisp on zondag 20 juni 2010 02:44 - Comments (25)
Category: Internet, Views: 16.287

Sometimes when I look back at my internet career I get a feeling of dismay, and it's not only about my career itself but also about the internet as a whole. What started out as an exciting new technology with endless possibilities now only seems to revolve around advertisements and SEO in order to attract as many visitors as possible in order to maximize the income on said former advertisements.

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The real reason Apple and Microsoft are embracing 'HTML5'

By crisp on maandag 3 mei 2010 01:43 - Comments (32)
Categories: Browsers, Internet, Views: 31.704

Just the other day Microsoft has chimed in with Apple in its fight against Adobe's Flash calling it 'proprietary' and 'not-open' and pushing forward 'HTML5' as the technology of the future. Both posts seem to focus on video on the web and it is striking that they both mention H.264 as the codec of choice, a codec that is neither free nor open and has little to do with HTML5 itself.

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IPv6 validation - more caveats

By crisp on maandag 9 november 2009 00:12 - Comments (13)
Categories: Internet, PHP, Views: 12.003

Last week I was taking a nice hot bath while reading the Regular Expression Cookbook by Jan Goyvaerts and Steven Levithan. Really, there is no better way of relaxing :) But then chapter 7.17 made me jump out of the tub, rush to my computer, and - while still wet - start typing the regular expression printed on page 387. The chapter was called 'Matching IPv6 Addresses'.

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