IE6 fucking up BASE (again)?

By crisp on zaterdag 31 mei 2008 00:30 - Comments (18)
Categories: Browsers,, Views: 47.774

Beginning of this week we noticed a rather dramatic increase of the popularity of our forum, or at least so it seemed. Pageview counts were up from an average of 800.000 a day to over a million spiking at 1.5 million last Monday. Surely this couldn't be right...

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HTML5: the war on the mandatory 'alt'

By crisp on zondag 4 mei 2008 01:28 - Comments (12)
Category: HTML5, Views: 16.749

I don't think there is one subject that has had so many attention on the html-public mailinglist as the alt-attribute for the IMG-element. It's a regular warzone with the pragmatic on one side and the accessibilitas on the other. Main question is: should (a small part of) accesibility requirements be forced by means of a machine-checkable syntax-addition in the HTML5 specification?

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