The versioning switch's default is incorrect

By crisp on vrijdag 22 februari 2008 01:53 - Comments (2)
Categories: Browsers, Internet, Views: 10.992

In fact, the whole versioning switch idea is bad to begin with. If you still don't understand why after my previous blog-entries and after having read for instance Jeremy Keith's reasoning on AListApart (and failed to see the flaws in Jeffrey Zeldman's entry) here's a break-down of the arguments against the versioning switch and against the proposed default (== IE7 mode):

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Some thoughts on HTML5's getElementsByClassName

By crisp on maandag 11 februari 2008 23:24 - Comments (8)
Category: Javascript, Views: 17.750

HTML5 will bring us some really cool things, not only in terms of new markup features but also in terms of extended features for forms and a very handy DOM extension in the form of a native (and thus lightning fast) getElementsByClassName method.

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The road to HTML5: conformance of HTML4 documents

By crisp on zondag 3 februari 2008 23:37 - Comments (3)
Categories: HTML5,, Views: 11.823

Recently I ran the frontpage through the (experimental) HTML5 validator (by Henri Sivonen) to see how well we are being forwards-compatible. The result wasn't too bad, just 13 errors.

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