A Dutch Front-End Organisation in the make

By crisp on Monday 17 September 2007 00:19 - Comments are closed
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On July 2'nd Peter-Paul Koch (better known as the quirksmode.org-man) presented his ideas for a front-end organisation (he calls it a 'guild' after the midieval monopolistic guilds). My first thoughts after reading the program were that this was nothing more than an attempt to introduce some sort of self-proclaimed elite-status for it's members to get an advantage over other parties when presenting themselves to big employers such as the Dutch Government.

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Microsoft, where are you?

By crisp on Saturday 8 September 2007 11:49 - Comments are closed
Category: Browsers, Views: 6.410

Alex Russell asks "Where are we now?" a year after the introduction of IE7. Now that IE7 is slowly taking over the landscape from IE6 it is time to look forward again. After all IE7 didn't bring us much new, it just barely managed to take the edges off of the pain we developers have been enduring with IE6 for a long time.

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