Crossbrowser Array Generics

By crisp on Monday 20 August 2007 00:06 - Comments (2)
Category: Javascript, Views: 9.055

I briefly demonstrated how one can use an array method on non-array objects such as nodeLists or the arguments variable in my previous entry on getElementsByClassName (and Menno van Slooten did me a favour by explaining it on his blog). I also used the Array generic Array.filter there and left those with a promise to explain how these techniques can be implemented crossbrowser.

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getElementsByClassName re-re-re-visited

By crisp on Monday 13 August 2007 09:07 - Comments (3)
Category: Javascript, Views: 16.757

There have been numerous attempts at creating the most optimal getElementsByClassName implementation. I also took a shot at it back in 2005 and back then Opera had some performance problems with getElementsByTagName, IE's implementation of nodeList.item() proved to be a major hog and Firefox' XPath implementation was far from perfect. Eventually I came up with a hybrid solution that combined the fastest approaches for each tested browser (with IE being declared the winner on performance).

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prototype: IE and the cost of Element.extend()

By crisp on Thursday 9 August 2007 00:35 - Comments are closed
Categories: Browsers, Javascript, Views: 11.030

It seems that prototype like YUI is more and more moving towards code purity and are neglecting performance. I noticed this recently when I was benchmarking my own getElementsByClassName function and comparing it to the established javascript libraries that also support this functionality.

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