HTML5: Microsoft and the opt-in catch

By crisp on Sunday 22 April 2007 00:57 - Comments are closed
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It's been a busy month sofar on the public-html mailing list. Microsoft has joined the working group and Chris Wilson put on his chair hat (but is still mostly wearing his Microsoft hat) and WA1.0 (aka HTML5) has been offically proposed as a starting point for the new HTML specification.

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Breaking the web?

By crisp on Saturday 7 April 2007 00:54 - Comments are closed
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Chris Wilson, as Chair of the new W3C HTML WG, stated:
[...] We can't, for example, change the behavior of how we support CSS floats in IE7 without requiring an opt-in, since we would change layout significantly for half the web.* When we break the web, it's our fault, even when we're breaking it to improve standards compliance.

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