Internet Explorer and cacheing: beware of the Vary

By crisp on Tuesday 12 December 2006 01:03 - Comments are closed
Categories: Browsers,, Views: 10.578

Cacheing issues in Internet Explorer due to poor adherence to the HTTP-standard.

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String performance in Internet Explorer

By crisp on Saturday 9 December 2006 02:58 - Comments are closed
Categories: Browsers, Javascript, Views: 15.694

This was meant to be a short item in the "Having fun with IE"-series but when I was doing some research and testing I found a lot of interesting things so this subject really deserves it's own title.

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The useless javascript: pseudo-protocol

By crisp on Tuesday 5 December 2006 22:57 - Comments (2)
Category: Javascript, Views: 31.099

Or should the title read 'javascript: pseudo-protocol considered harmful'?

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.toJSONString() and Object.prototype

By crisp on Monday 4 December 2006 00:21 - Comments (1)
Category: Javascript, Views: 37.074

Some time ago I had a email discussion with Douglas Crockford about .toJSONString() in the JSON JavaScript implementation. Mainly because I wrote a function-based implementation that doesn't require prototyping Object (that some people consider verboten).

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Capability detection - the better way

By crisp on Sunday 3 December 2006 23:04 - Comments are closed
Category: Javascript, Views: 5.059

I read this article today on about javascript capability detection. They are right that capability detection is a far better way to determine support for certain features than to make assumptions based upon sniffing the user-agent string.

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