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Having fun with IE - part 2: CSS inheritance

By crisp on woensdag 29 november 2006 14:09 - Comments are closed
Category: Browsers, Views: 4.289

Part 2 of this serie; today: CSS inheritance through script.

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Beware of premature optimization

By crisp on dinsdag 28 november 2006 11:16 - Comments are closed
Category: Javascript, Views: 4.711

Recently Opera and the Microsoft IE-team posted some articles about javascript optimizations. Although these articles were written with the best intentions they should in my opinion have a big red warning-label saying "beware of premature optimization and browser-specific implementations".

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Having fun with IE - part 1: getAttribute()

By crisp on zondag 26 november 2006 13:04 - Comments are closed
Category: Browsers, Views: 5.354

The start of a series of funny and not-so-funny IE-bugs; today: DOM attribute handling colliding with the document.all object-model.

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