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IE8: Operation (now silently) Aborted

By crisp on vrijdag 25 april 2008 00:06 - Comments (8)
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The MSIE team proudly blogged about the 'fix' they made in IE8 for the dreaded "operation aborted" error that has plagued and confused many front-end developers (and end-users) the past decade or so.

Since their post is somewhat confusing here is a dumbed-down translation:

Operation Aborted version 2.0

We have improved the "Operation Aborted" error in IE8! Instead of making sure you notice that we actually abort all further javascript execution on the page we now silently log the error instead of sticking it in your face, leaving it up to the developer or the end-user to discover that there is actually something wrong.

We are very excited about this change and think it is a huge improvement! We know that other browsers actually can handle those cases that cause this 'error' in IE but we do not know how to really fix it ourselves and because we do not believe in webstandards we don't want anything to do with for instance the HTML5 working group that is actively dealing with these sorts of issues, even though our own Chris Wilson (MSIE platform architect) is co-chair of that WG.

Yes, we know about HTML5 and have actually briefly read the working draft (but failed to comment on it even though we promised to do that almost a year ago), but we rather just cherry-pick from it and give it our own twist than actively participate in the WG and ask for advice or share implementation experiences.

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By Tweakers user Sebazzz, vrijdag 25 april 2008 08:01

I dont get it why people still use IE... The GUI is ugly and imo not user friendly, IE uses much memory (compared to Opera and Firefox 3) and backend (engine) sucks as well.

By Tweakers user Blaise, vrijdag 25 april 2008 09:04

I get very well why people still use IE. It's the default browser, it renders almost any site, the GUI is sufficient and most people don't know about alternative browsers or memory use, or just don't care about it.

By Tweakers user geez, vrijdag 25 april 2008 13:24

If IE wasn't packaged with Windows, I'm sure its market share would be minimal.

By Tweakers user MrDrako, vrijdag 25 april 2008 17:37

Wai te bet enliesh? "I get very well"? wtf..

Omdat een artikel engels is, moeten de reacties ook engels?

En sebazzz, de GUI van IE ziet er JUIST beter uit dan menig browser, functioneel is iets anders. ik vind firefox dan weer lelijk, maar weer functioneel. en IE werkt nog steeds prettiger met menig flash/video site.

By Tweakers user crisp, zondag 27 april 2008 21:12

MrDrako: Ik verplicht niemand in het Engels te reageren maar ik schrijf mijn technische artikelen (en IE-rants :P) doorgaans wel voor een internationaal publiek. Reageer je echter in een taal die ook ik niet machtig ben dan loop je het risico op verwijdering van je reaktie ;)

By Tweakers user Croga, zondag 4 mei 2008 09:03

I dont get it why people still use IE... The GUI is ugly and imo not user friendly, IE uses much memory (compared to Opera and Firefox 3) and backend (engine) sucks as well.
GUI is a personal thing. You may think it's ugly, other people may think it's gorgeous.
And as far as memory use goes: FF3 isn't here yet. IE7 uses a lot less memory then FF2 does. So why is this an argument against IE?

By Tweakers user crisp, zondag 4 mei 2008 11:57

Some of IE's memory usage is hidden since parts of IE are integrated in the operating system.

Furthermore memory usage isn't so much of a problem as long as the memory gets freed up again, it's only memory leaks that are problematic and even though it is true that Firefox 2.x does have some memoryleak issues IE has them as well. In my experience Firefox is more stable over longterm use than IE is...

By bbb, woensdag 28 oktober 2009 23:29

IE is bullshit!!! Not just for performance or look up. It doesn't respect W3 standards therefore I hate IE.

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